Grayson Perry - Playing to the Gallery

Grayson Perry everyone’s favourite potter, style icon and artistic raconteur has got a new book out.  It’s based on his Reith Lectures from last year and also has these brilliant cartoons in it…

(this might, just sound, a little bit, like me….  pretentious moi!?)

Grayson Perry’s Reith lectures, also entitled Playing to the Gallery, from last year are still available on iplayer

They are brilliant - thought provoking, articulate and funny! 

I might just want this book for Christmas if anyone’s paying attention….

On the easel today…

The boy…

Some Recent Paintings

My most reluctant model…

A portrait from facebook pics, a sleeping batboy and a beautiful girl…


50 Children - 50 artists

Unfortunately I won’t get a chance to go and see this - an exhibition of portraits of 50 children from Tower Hamlets as painted by 50 artists. Coming together to raise over £300,000 for the charity Miracles.

It looks great - go and see it for me!

Zahid age 5 by Andrew Salgado @Salgado_Andrew

Ashwin 14 by Tim Benson @timbensonart

Exhibition runs until Friday 26 September
Opening hours 10:00 until 14:30

At Grove House, 27 Hammersmith Grove, London, W6 ONE

Lee Ellis at Upfest

On Sunday I went to see an exhibition of portraits by Lee Ellis (@leroy_ellis) at Upfest ()  on (North Street, Bristol, BS3).  They are bold expressive portraits and I love the colours he uses.  The show is called “It’s not me, it’s you” - apparently because he usually paints self-portraits.


It’s on until September 30th - go and take a look.

The Holburne Museum and Colourscape

I love the Holburne Museum in Bath and a couple of weeks ago took the children to the Colourscape, which seems to be on every summer in the Holburne garden. 


It’s a great way of convincing the kids to go and see some 18th century portraiture, which I love but they’re not quite so keen on…

 This is my favourite in their collection, its quite mesmerizing – Rosamund Sargent by Allan Ramsey 1749.

BP Portrait Award - Richard Twose

I’ve also been to see the BP Portrait award – I love going to see this every year - so many different faces and approaches – it’s always inspiring!  And one day I’ll get in…

My favourite this year was Jean Woods by Richard Twose, I love the palette, the stillness and the stare.


There will be some more of Richard Twose’s work in the exhibition Transient Bodies at the View Gallery in Bristol starting September 25th.

All the images from the BP Portrait award are here –

The BP Portrait award is still on at the National Portrait Gallery until Sunday 21st September.  And then tours as follows-

Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens

4 October – 16 November 2014

The Scottish National Portrait Gallery

28 November – 12 April 2015

Jenny Saville

I massively neglected posting anything on here but I’m back!

Weirdly I’m starting with an exhibition that’s finished but I went to see it just before I moved and haven’t got round to putting it up. 

Jenny Saville’s exhibition at the Gagosian ran from June 13th – July 26th and I managed to catch it on the last day.

Her mastery of both painting and drawing is breathtaking.  There is a quality to her work, quite apart from its size, that is monumental.

More images are available here -—june-13-2014/exhibition-images

She also had an exhibition at Modern Art Oxford a few years ago and had these pieces in the Ashmolean.

The drawings are so fluid, so full of energy and so true.

I’ll try and keep this a bit more up to date…


Went to see this brilliant exhibition at the National Gallery on saturday. This life-size self portrait was my favourite.  Great painting of a fabulously self-assured woman.

Teresa Feodorowna Ries, Self Portrait 1902.

That Sainsbury Wing of the National Gallery is horrible though - totally soulless…..

15th October 2013
Grayson Perry

15th October 2013

Grayson Perry